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"You might be interested to know that I have not had any knee aches since our visit with you, and, of course I attribute that to the elk antler solution and the pills (Velvet Elk Antler capsules) that I subsequently took.”
Dr. B. Hamilton, MD, F.A.C.P.M. Physician Consultants In Pain Medicine, Florida USA

“ I've been using the antler and ginseng product for 3 years now. I feel healthier overall. I feel more energized, less tired. My hair stylists always comment that my hair "loves" whatever supplement I am taking. They notice my hair grows faster, is thicker, and healthier. My nails are stronger.. I no longer have the peeling and breaking from nail weakness. My gynecologist was also intrigued and interested when she heard I was using your product”
Ms. P. Rowe. New England USA